Takedown, Maintain & Product Care

Takedown, Maintain and Care for Blowout Set

At night Blowout Wig Routine

  1. At night, remove and store away the wig unit in an open dry area to air it out. We recommend using clip on hangers or wig heads.
  2. The ponytail can be unattached at night. However, if it has been installed via crotchet method, it can be slept in.

2. Moisturise your own hair with a leave in conditioner spritz and choice of hair oil. Braid/twist any leave out area.

3. Sleep on a satin or silk pillow without a bonnet. We do not  recommend sleeping with a bonnet on after a long day of wearing a wig unit, to allows your scalp to breathe and get natural light for a healthier scalp skin.

Wash Days

  1. Every week, shampoo, condition hair and remake underwig cornrows or flat twist.

2. Every 1-2 month, shampoo, condition hair and remake underwig  mini braids or twists

Cleaning Instructions: Blowout Set

Units are made from premium synthetic fibres. Follow the instructions below:

• Regularly brush your unit from tip to root, for longer lasting fibres

• Can be flat ironed and curled at low heat 85℃-90℃

• Replace unit after 2 months, depending on use and state.

• Clean at least once a month

1. Detangle unit with a brush or a wide tooth comb

2.Soak the unit in warm shampoo water for 15 mins.  Do not apply friction or rubbing motion, this will encourage tangles. Instead use light squeezes. (watch video below).

3.Rinse out shampoo water from unit.

4.Soak the unit in fabric softener (preferred) or conditioner for 15 mins to soften the fibres and get a nicer smell

5.Air dry the unit over night.

6.Once air dried. Gently brush and trim out straggling ends

7.Apply hair oil for sheen

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